Speed Interview – ASM Ontario Events

Master the art of the self-pitch with ASM Ontario’s Interview Night!

Can you convey your personal value to an employer, colleague or client in under 5 minutes? Can you evaluate talent of someone wishing to work on your team within 5 minutes? According to a study published in The British Psychological Society (link), 60% of hiring managers made their hiring decision within the first 15 minutes, 26% did it in less than 5 min and 5% made their decision in the first minute. The first 5 minutes is crucial in any discussion. ASM Ontario is teaming up with over 15 well-established materials science & engineering companies to help you build your skills and accelerate your professional development. Interview Night will introduce new members and experienced professionals to the industry through speed-interviewing sessions. Interviewees will have a rare chance to interview with anywhere between 6-7 hiring managers from different companies. Interviewees can practice their personal pitch, be it for employment, a promotion, a sale, or a pitch for a project idea. Learning how to convey your value to someone else is an invaluable skill to practice.

Interviewees at this event are not only job-seekers. Interview Night is welcome to all those looking to improve their professional skills. Your first impression is critical to your clients, colleagues and employers. Benefit from access to practiced professionals in the industry and learn how to improve your overall first impression. Practice selling your skills, personal attributes, and enthusiasm to some of the top materials science and engineering companies. Interviewees who expand their intrapersonal skills will often expand their role within their company and strengthen the business units. As an interviewer (hiring manager in attendance), you will have the opportunity to discover what new industry talent exists and what you need to do to get their attention. You’ll meet the best and brightest minds in the industry and learn what they are looking for in their next role. Your ability to attract talent to your firm will be graded by the interviewees and you will realize how difficult it is to in fact be on the opposite side of the table.

How to Prepare
Come well dressed, relaxed, and eager to learn. Dinner will be provided so do not eat beforehand. Do not stress over your CV, do not send us your CV. The interview/pitch will be based on the registration information you provide. Relax and be yourself.

The night will start at 5:30 pm; be punctual. The night will end around 9:30 pm but of course, you can leave whenever you see fit.

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