Talking to Engineers About Leadership

Dream, learn, do and be daring – Adventures in Talking to Engineers about Leadership

Prof. Doug Reeve
The Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead)
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
University of Toronto

We would like to thank Dr. Doug Reeve for taking the time to speak at our chapter speaker series for the month of November. His presentation sparked much debate and discussion on teaching styles, the role of leadership in engineering, and helped put into context the importance for leadership for licensed professionals. It is our hope that we can have Dr. Reeve come again in the future to share his further research in the field of leadership amongst the engineering profession.

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Why bother to communicate? Why seek to influence others? The archetypal engineer, from student to senior professional, concentrates their efforts on the technical truth and leaves communicating and influencing to others. This is a tragic waste of talent, intelligence, drive, education and power to make the world a better place. All engineers can be clear and effective communicators and powerful influencers. It begins with self: “Dream, learn, do and be daring; bring your best self to all that you do.” In the classroom or in the workplace, “Grand challenges demand leadership from great engineers.” Are we up to the task? Can we communicate the urgency? Can we drive positive change?

About the Speaker:

Professor Reeve is the founding Director of the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead) at the University of Toronto. Providing opportunities for leadership learning has been central to his work with engineering students for over twenty-five years. In 2002 he established Leaders of Tomorrow, a student leadership development program that led to the establishment of ILead.

Dr. Reeve is a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and served as Chair from 2001-2011. He has worked with industry for many years as a consultant and president of a small consulting firm, frequently in international assignments. He has created and led professional development short courses for industry on over 50 occasions reaching over 5000 attendees. His contributions to the profession and to research have been recognized by numerous awards.

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