Licensure Assistance Program

The Licensure Assistance Program is a relatively new initiative within Professional Engineers of Ontario. This program promotes individual partnerships between EITs and a licensed members in order to help guide interns in their licensing process.

To help initiate this program at the chapter level, Tracey Caruana, PEO EIT coordinator, came to our monthly speaker series on May 27 to give a crash course in what the program has to offer. In addition to learning more about the LAP program, the event was a great opportunity for EITs to get their questions heard. Issues from experience hours to internationally trained engineers were discussed. Tracy was very informative and helpful in answering all the questions regarding licensure and the assistance program. The professional practice exam was a hot topic, and experience hours were discussed at length.

The event would not be a success without the involvement of the licensed members. The ability of our chapter to help the new cohort of professionals is seen again and again at Etobicoke Chapter events. We will be starting up our speaker series in the fall and this will be a great opportunity to continue learning and sharing knowledge with our chapter members.

Please visit the PEO website  for more information and how to get involved in the LAP program.

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